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Premium Membership

The Jota Cafe Riders program is the first moto riding club offering open access to an exclusive Cafe Racer and Legacy Motorbikes rental fleet. Apart from being the only company in Europe offering Classic Caferacers for rent, we are an active riding club designed to create a global community of passionate riders. We manufacture our own Cafe Racer Motorbikes with the finest components, and we constantly add new Cafe Racers to the fleet, so you have a wide range of motorbikes to try out from various brands (Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, BMW, Suzuki, Triumph, Ducati…).

Membership to this unique club includes a range of benefits designed to be useful whenever and wherever you ride with the club and also in your own. Currently with locations in Barcelona and Ibiza, soon expanding to other areas.

Your membership gives you access to rent a Jota Cafe Motorbike from any of those locations and join our member rides. You have access during the whole year to the Jota Cafe Motorbike rental fleet 2 days a week (maximum consecutive days 2). You don’t have any other expense as, insurance and maintenance is included.

Join now and start enjoying the benefits of our rental moto membership, taking par of our community and riding the cafe racer that suits better your needs every week. Forget maintenance, insurances and garage for your bike!